Cash Management

Smart business banking strategies go deeper than loans, checking accounts and merchant cards.
At First Security Bank, we offer an array of services and financing options to help your business grow.

Cash Concentration, Sweep Accounts, and Investment Options

If you work for your money, we believe your money should work for you. That's why we have developed strategies to maximize interest on your cash. For example, sometimes excess cash can automatically be moved from a checking account at day's end into an account that earns a higher rate of interest overnight.

Additionally, funds can sometimes be swept into a Line of Credit account to reduce interest on borrowed funds. All transactions can be viewed through online banking.

Payroll Solutions and Electronic Direct Deposit

These services are designed to save you time from your already busy work day. Contact a First Security Bank representative to find out more about our automated payroll services.

Electronic Data Interchange Services (EDI)

EDI allows Electronic payments and invoice information to be sent and received through the Automated Clearing House system (ACH). Payments can be automatically deposited into your account from a customer's account.

Merchant Services / Credit Card Acceptance

Accepting VISA® and MasterCard® is simply a part of business in today's busy world. With this service you can offer your customers the convenience of paying by credit card.  For equipment and service details, contact Harlin Fox at 662-563-9311 ext. 1133.

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