Credit Cards

Building a successful financial plan takes the right resources. That's why we work hard to provide you with quality financial services and products, like our convenient, flexible Visa® & MasterCard® Credit Cards.

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They're accepted at thousands of locations worldwide for just about any type of purchase you can imagine. Unlike those big out-of-town institutions, our cards come with the personal, friendly service you've come to expect from us. So, whatever your plans, choose the credit card that gives you all the value and buying power you need to get your projects off the drawing board.

Your First Security Bank Visa® or MasterCard® will be welcome here at home and around the world wherever you see the Visa® or MasterCard® emblem. It lets you carry less cash and keep track of your purchases with a single monthly statement. It makes check cashing easier and makes ordering by phone and by mail much more convenient. But your First Security Bank Visa® or MasterCard®, is more than just a charge card… when you qualify, you'll also enjoy:

  • Customer service you can count on
    With one telephone call, you'll receive quick, courteous assistance at your local bank when you need it.
  • Instant Cash Loans
    from thousands of banks throughout the country and around the world. Your Visa® or MasterCard® entitles you to a cash loan in any amount up to your available credit. Simply present your card and request the amount of cash you need.
  • Lower interest rates-no annual fees
    To keep your credit cards easier to use, we offer our customers no annual fee and one of the most competitive interest rates you will find anywhere.
  • $150,000 Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance
    You are automatically covered by $150,000 of common carrier insurance when your airline or travel tickets are charged to your First Security Bank Visa® or MasterCard®.
  • Our low interest rates while paying balance owed on present credit cards.
    Transferring the balance owed on present credit cards is as easy as visiting our credit card department.
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