Secure Line of Credit

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Secureline Line of Credit

Secureline is truly a "HOME GROWN" account created by the joint efforts and hard work of our local officers and staff. It gives benefits and convenience for years to come.

Secureline is a straight-forward account without gimmicks or teaser rates. Because it is a personalized line of credit based on the equity you have in your home, you have access to cash whenever you need and for whatever reason. You don't have to reapply. To access your Secureline, all you have to do is write a check.

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email us to learn more.

What does Secureline Offer?
  • Interest may be tax deductible
  • Immediate access to funds for any reason
  • No further loan applications
  • Telephone transfers of funds to your checking account
  • Check payment guarantee at another bank
  • Accessible at any time, even after banking hours
  • Free personalized checks 
  • Interest much lower than credit card rates 
Why should I apply for a Secureline Account?

Under the tax laws, deductions for consumer interest (interest paid on credit cards, charge accounts, and auto loans) are no longer allowed on your income tax return. Interest on your residence is still possibly deductible on loan amounts up to the initial cost plus improvements of the residence with a maximum of $100,000. Always consult a tax consultant about the deductibility of Secureline interest.

Is Secureline Flexible?

You bet it is! This line of credit creates a loan only when you use it. Your Secureline can be used over and over again (up to your available line of credit) without re-submitting another loan application. You can make major purchases, get cash, or use your credit anytime for any reason.

How much can I borrow with my Secureline Line of Credit?

Here is a simple calculation you can do right now to estimate the credit line you may receive.

Appraised value of your home $ 50,000
x 80%
Less current balance of first mrtg -20,000
Equals potential amount of SECURELINE $ 20,000

The only sure way to know if you qualify, and how much you qualify for, is to apply for a Secureline Line of Credit.

How can I access my Secureline?

After approval, you'll receive a personalized Secureline checkbook. Then whenever you want to use your funds, you simply write a check. No one knows that you're using your line of credit but you. You can even transfer funds by telephone from your Secureline to your First Security Bank checking account. We've built convenience into every inch of Secureline.

What will my payments be?

Your minimum monthly payment will be .75% of the monthly statement balance, but not less than $50. You can pay more than this amount per month.

How can I apply for Secureline?

Contact your nearest First Security Bank branch or call 662-563-9311.